The University of Alberta is a leader in reclamation research, and offers master’s and doctoral programs through their Land Reclamation International Graduate School.

About Plateau

Established in 2004, Plateau Reclamation is a family owned and operated reclamation and remediation business located in central Alberta. We take being part of a family business seriously: there is always at least one family member/owner on each job site to ensure that our business values and management principles are consistently represented.

With a strong family farming background, we understand the needs and concerns of landowners and farmers, and we excel at collaborating with them to complete projects taking place in their areas.

Between our owners we have a wide range of experience in the reclamation industry. We have many years of experience and certifications in land and water reclamation. Our additional experience in conservation and reclamation inspection means that we understand the reclamation process from all angles.

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