Between 1963 and 2012, 350 010 wells were drilled in Alberta.

Our Approach to Projects

Specializing in Reclamation

While many pipeline companies are willing to provide reclamation services, there are few companies who specialize in this field. Plateau Reclamation performs only reclamation and related services, so we are able to channel all of our resources into delivering the most efficient and progressive reclamation practices. Rather than facing multiple treatments to fix work performed incorrectly, our expertise ensures the work is done right the first time.

Project Lifecycle

We believe that seeing a project through its entire lifecycle increases the quality of the result. At Plateau, we are equipped to handle projects through construction, remediation, and reclamation. We also provide maintenance services such as vegetation management and pesticide application once projects are complete.

Project Preparation

We never commit to a job without first visiting the site. This gives us a well-rounded picture of the project so that we can prepare for any risks or challenges. Site visits are mandatory, but we don’t charge for them because we believe that safety should be a given, not a commodity.

Assessing site conditions is also necessary to selecting the correct equipment for a project. It also allows us to evaluate environmental concerns that will affect how the project is executed. Considerations such as fish ponds or wildlife in the area might require us to approach the project more sensitively. Proper preparation in advance of a project ensures that the project is executed safely, the environment is protected, and landowners won’t have to worry about damage or regulatory issues down the road.

Relationship Driven

Working with the oil & gas industry, maintaining strong working relationships with farmers and landowners is of utmost importance to us. Building and cultivating these relationships plays a crucial role in the success of a project. Achieving a goal is simply much easier when there is respect and cooperation on both sides, and our background in farming means we have a solid understanding of what it takes to maintain positive relationships in this area.

Sole-Source & Sub-Contracting

We act as sole-source contractors as well as sub-contractors for environmental consultants and engineering companies. We also have access to sub-contractors with specific expertise if a project calls for it. Every project has different needs and requires different areas of expertise, so we understand the need for flexibility in order to get the job done correctly and efficiently.