Famous locations that have been improved by reclamation procedures include the Glacier National Park in British Columbia and Kerncliff Park in Burlington, Ontario.


Reclamation is the process of restoring damaged or disturbed land to a condition comparable to its original. Plateau offers reclamation services for pipeline and well sites across Alberta, and also performs vegetation management for reclaimed areas.

Preparation is an important part of our process. We never accept a job without first visiting the site for a preliminary assessment. This commitment on our part ensures that we enter every engagement properly equipped and with a plan in place. Preparation is important for successful reclamation, as every site requires a unique set of services and procedures to return the land to a natural, harmonious state.

Unlike many companies that offer reclamation services, Plateau only specializes in reclamation and related services. Because our interests are not divided, we are able to provide more efficient, thorough, and dedicated service. We invest all of our time, energy, and resources into the best reclamation equipment and training, ensuring only the best value for our clients.

Our reclamation services: