Alberta is home to 2720 plant species, outnumbered only by insects and fungi.


At Plateau, safety is not just a consideration but a mindset. All employees are trained in our comprehensive safety program, ensuring that standards are consistently met. We believe that proper training is key to preventing dangerous or costly mishaps.

Work does not commence on a site until a daily safety meeting is held, and safety standards and procedures are reviewed every time a new task begins or a new person comes on site. This dedication to safety is reflected in the quality, efficiency, and value of our work.

Plateau Reclamation is a member of the Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA) and the Canadian Land Reclamation Association (CLRA). Our rigorous safety practices have earned us the following safety certifications and credentials:

  • ATV Training Course (Canada Safety Council)
  • CCA Truck Driver Training
  • Leadership for Safety Excellence (Alberta Construction Safety Association)
  • Licensed Industrial Pesticide Applicators Certificate
  • Principles of Health and Safety
  • Registered with ISNetworld
  • Registered with ComplyWorks

On top of these company safety certifications, all of Plateau’s individual employees must possess the following certifications in order to maintain employment with us:

  • Standard First Aid / CPR
  • H2S Alive
  • Global Ground Disturbance
  • CSTS
  • TDG

Focus on Safety

Our safety policies and certifications.